Monday, February 2, 2009

Four New Painting

Here are four New paintings inspired by my beautiful state of Oregon!

"Midnight Oasis" 10x10" Oil on Canvas
This reminds me of the painted hills in Eastern Oregon. I traveled through there with my husband about a year ago on the way to Utah. We stayed in a neat little A frame cabin, and in the morning the owner gave us some cool rocks. He said they were snake skin agate, formed by lightning hitting the sand. The rocks are creamy in color, with a rough "skin" on the outside. You can see burn marks on the outside from where the lightening struck.

"Moss" 10x10" Oil on Canvas
This painting reminds me of my first hike at the George. I think winter in Oregon is my favorite time for hikes. Everything is covered in Moss, so even though there are no leaves on the trees everything vibrates green.

"Snow Blast" 10x10" Oil on Canvas
This past December Portland got buried in Snow. Not many people own shovels and there aren't many plows since the snow usually doesn't stick around that long. It was a great winter wonderland for over a week!

"Coast" 10x10" Oil on Canvas
I love sitting and painting on the beaches of the Oregon Coast. I think Manzanita, Or is my favorite. Mostly because there is a great hotdog stand there in the summer, Manzanita Mud Dogs. The owner Jim and his wife sell hot dogs to rais money for underprivilaged youth. They are great to talk to and have the best hot dogs I have ever eaten!


chriscank said...

Love the new paintings! "Midnight Oasis" is my favorite. See you on Feb. 19th! Can't wait!

Holly-girl said...

are these for sale? how much are they?

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